5 effective exercises to improve your basketball training

If you were encouraged to train and perfect your game on your own together with your friends without the need of a coach, then these 5 exercises to improve your training should interest you.

  • Free kick practice
    Each player shoots and must take 10 consecutive free throws.
    Another person must be under the hoop holding the rebounds and pass the ball to the player who is shooting.
  • Passes and kicks between players
    Two people alternate ball throwing.
    One of the players makes a shot, then runs to catch the bounce of his shot and passes the ball to the next player, the next player must do the same and pass it to the next player and so on.
  • Evasion between 3 players
    3 players run around the court passing through a 3 player line of defense.
    2 players must be at each corner of the baseline with another player in between. The player in the middle starts bouncing the ball and passes it to another person, when he passes he must run towards the direction of the pass, the one who catches the ball passes it to the third player and must run towards the court.
    The whole process continues until the group reaches the other hoop, where the last person ends the exercise by throwing towards the basket.
  • Suicidal Exercise
    It is basic to develop leg handling and endurance.
    You must line up at the base line, when the whistle blows you must run towards the free throw line. Touch the line with your hands and run back to the base line. From there, run to the midfield line, touch it and return to the base line.The exercise continues until you reach the opposite baseline, touch it and return to base.
  • Two-handed Ball Chop Exercise
    This exercise is very useful to become ambidextrous and to be able to manipulate the ball with both hands.
    The exercise starts by bouncing the ball with each hand, then you start running along the court bouncing the ball with both hands and with the help of another person try to make evasions while still bouncing the ball using both hands.

We hope that these 5 exercises will help you to improve your training. Put them into practice and we will see you in the next training session.

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