Basics of basketball

Each sport has a basic technique, in the case of basketball it is divided into the boat and dribbling, the pass and the shot to the basket.
Below we will describe the basics of basketball, so you can learn more about this wonderful sport.

    Bouncing the ball is the action of throwing it with one hand on the ground so that it bounces, repeatedly. It is the way to move forward when in possession of the ball. You must master the bounce with both hands equally. We can distinguish different types of bounce:
  • Protective bounce: Used when we have a defender nearby who is preventing us from progressing with the ball. The ball has to bounce between both feet, below the waist. The bounce is protected with the opposite leg and arm
  • Speedboat: Used when you want to go fast and there is no defense in front of you. The ball bounces on the ground next to, in front of the player. The ball, on the bounce, can go up a little above the waist.

With dribling we can make changes of rhythm and direction, which are used to overcome an opponent in defense and to be able to reach the opposite basket

It is the action of passing the ball to a partner with safety and precision, in order to continue the attacking play. It’s the fastest way to move into possession of the ball. There are several types:

  • Chest pass: It’s the most used pass in basketball, in short and medium distances. It starts from the basic position. With the arms bent at chest level, the ball is thrown by extending the arms and with a final wrist movement. The trajectory must be straight and fast to surprise the opponent.
  • Bust pass: This is executed in the same way as the chest pass, but the arms go in the same direction as the ball, towards the ground. The ball must not bounce too far from the receiver so that he can receive it at waist level. It is also performed with one hand.
  • Overhead Passing: Keeping the ball above your head, your arms are extended in the same direction as you want the ball to go and, at the last moment, you give it a sharp blow with your wrists.
  • Baseball Pass: We hold the ball with both hands at ear level. It has the same mechanics as throwing a rock or a baseball. It is used to make a long-distance pass, especially on counter-attacks. It can also be hit by a bounce in its trajectory.
  • Hand to hand pass: This is done when we have the receiving teammate very close, so that he receives the ball almost from the hands of the passer. At the moment of the pass, the hand that serves the ball, gives it a little impulse so that the other player can receive it and continue with the play.

The shot is the throwing of the ball into the basket with the aim of getting it through the centre of the hoop. With this fundamental element of basketball, the offensive game ends. There are, also, different types of basketball shooting:

  • Free throw or personal shot: It’s a static shot. It is awarded as a penalty for the personal fouls of the opposing team. In basic position, behind the lines of free throws, the ball is placed in front of the face and is thrown into the basket with one hand, while the other serves as an accompaniment.
  • Throwing in suspension: It is executed in the same way as the staff, but with a jump included. When the body is in the air, the basket is thrown, with a final blow of the wrist. There are four phases: jump, suspension, throw and fall.
  • Tray throwing: It is performed very close to the hoop. This shot should be mastered with both the right and left hand, as it is convenient that the shot is executed with the hand farthest from the defender. The ball should be almost cushioned on the basket, as if it were left on a tray. It can be the shot resulting from a play of entry to basket, an offensive rebound near the rim, an assistance to a teammate near the basket or a feint of some pivot. It’s a very effective shot.
  • Basket entry: It is a basket with a previous run. If we go to the basket from the right side, we will bounce the ball and throw it with the right hand; if we go from the left side, we will bounce the ball and throw it with the left hand. The last two steps of the race are to approach the basket and push upwards, in order to get the ball as close to the rim as possible.
  • Dunk or matte : This is a very spectacular way of shooting, which has given rise to specific competitions (dunk contest). NBA players are great specialists in dunk. It consists of pushing the ball directly into the basket, with one or both hands, over the hoop. It requires a big jump and a strong hit on the wrist.

Since you know this, put it into practice and try to perfect each technique described above. Until the next one!

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