Best BasketBall Movies

In our basketball store at a conference meeting we ended up discussing the best basketball movies ever, and of course, we all have our say. We’re going to recommend a number of more current and historical basketball films, and we want you to name one that you think is also outstanding.

Cinema and basketball have not always been linked, but when they have, at least for fans like us, it has made us more than just vibrate. Basketball in the USA tended to be seen as a neighbourhood sport, a ghetto sport, a playground sport (the kids in the neighbourhood), as an opportunity for many to escape from the streets, from gangs and the bad life linked to drugs and above all from conflicts. A few super-productions have been added, bringing the drama and the social aspect of sport closer to the spectator. In addition to others like the overcoming, the effort, the game in team, achieving some feat from High School or the University. Or when a small team or one with practically no possibilities manages to beat the big one.

In one way or another, as long as there is a good script, a good story to tell related to basketball (all of them are, wink) and we can show it in about 2 hours, we love it. There will be little better to spend a great time enjoying our sport as a family, and more these days.


Here are three very recent basketball movies to watch.

We were amazed at the promotions and sketch of Uncle Drew by Pepsi with Kyrie Irving, and they ended up taking the story to the cinema in June 2018. In Spain, while it stood out and swept away a film that provides a clear life lesson, Champions.

  • UNCLE DREW (2018)
  • CHAMPIONS (2018)
  • SPACE JAM II (2021)
    It will arrive in the cinemas exactly on July 16, 2021. It will be a boom of expectation and audience.

A much awaited film that will tell the story for the youngest (and adults) of the Looney Tunes who, together with Lebron James as the main character, just like in the first edition and the usual one with Michael Jordan, will have to face some evil people who have stolen super powers on a basketball court. We already know many details of the film, including this trailer:


They are not ordered by preference but all of them are clear recommendations that we make to you to enjoy the movies linked to basketball. You have already seen them? let’s see them again! it is always worth it and we will have a great time. We have selected some of them that we loved and that we wanted to highlight because of their history, although we could include some others.

  • COACH CARTER (2005)

It tells the story of the coach at Richmond High School in California. A group of players who were winning the games, with 14 consecutive victories but who at their age had to apply themselves to their studies, which they did not do. The story has a great background in training, effort, comradeship, in a great script.

  • SPACE JAM (1996)

In 1996 we were able to watch animation with our basketball hero, Michael Jordan. In the film there were also big stars like Charles Barkley and Pat Ewing inviting us to dream and together with the little ones, to cheer for Jordan and the Looney Tunes with Bugs Bunny and his partners who are so passionate about the little ones, to win that game.


One year after Katrina, at Marrero University, a basketball coach must complete a team of players to achieve the goal of state championship. Based on a true story.


We set up in Harlem. It tells the life of Earl Manigault (1944-1998). A story with a lot to tell, Manigault was for many the best basketball player in history but he was not in the pros. Drugs, problems, conflicts, … with a great background also of fight and overcoming.

  • HOOSIERS (1986)

Classic film, one of the best basketball films that tells the story of a coach who arrives suffering great rejection, to a high school team, to a small town team in Indiana (it is a true story from 1954). He must lead them to compete against top-notch, better, and more resourceful opponents, but through self-improvement, team bonding, coaching, and mentality, they will be able to achieve the maximum. This coach and team will be the pride of an entire county.

  • HE GOT GAME (1998)

We think it’s unfair to choose one but if we had to, the first basketball movie we would recommend would be He Got Game or Una mala jugada in Spanish.

It’s a great story that remixes prison, family, sports exposure and the unhealthy ambitions that surround one of basketball’s greatest young talents. Film with Spike Lee, Denzel Washington, Ray Allen, Milla Jojovich … although the greatest greatness in this case is history.

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