How to become a basketball coach

The basketball coach is one of the most interesting figures in the world of sport because the performance of the position requires a high level of knowledge in sports, but also in other disciplines that are put into practice during the game such as statistics or mathematics.

Those interested in dedicating themselves more or less professionally to basketball from the coaching position should be clear that they need to be trained to do so. There are specific courses and qualifications to become a basketball coach. Public and private entities offer a wide range of training courses to become a basketball coach. For example, basketball federations organize very interesting clusters and lectures (Related post “How to be a film specialist. Requirements, salaries and courses”).

The courses to become a basketball coach can also be done at a distance. The irruption of new technologies and digital environments has triggered the demand for online courses to become a basketball coach that offer platforms where the subjects can be followed at a distance. Sometimes, the organizers demand that the exams that are necessary to obtain the qualification have to be taken in person, but this is not always proposed by the academies.

As far as the salary is concerned, in the world of basketball coaches it is the same as in many other professional profiles and there are very different salaries depending on the team and the category in which the position is held. In this way, we can find in the market coaches who charge 1,000 euros per month and others who receive up to 2 million euros for training if they work for one of the best teams in the world, such as the top players in Europe.

Requirements to be a basketball coach

Everyone interested in becoming a basketball coach has to go to training in order to fulfill their dream. This is because the market requires coaches to hold a title that serves to demonstrate that the person in question is ready to take over a team and start passing on his or her knowledge. Depending on the category that the coach wants to reach, the qualifications that he has to face in order to reach his goal increase (Related post “What does it take to be a football coach?”).

Currently, there are four levels of training for basketball coaches in the market. Through these qualifications, future coaches acquire the knowledge to know practical, tactical, directive and leadership issues that will later be used to manage the different situations and complications that they will have to face from the bench of a hall.

Three years of training

These training courses are organised by both the regional federations and the Spanish federation. Those who are interested in completing all the qualifications on offer should bear in mind that they will be spending three years on training. Once this process is completed, the student acquires the necessary knowledge to perform the duties of a coach in the ACB League, the highest category of national basketball, and also in the main European leagues.

The first step to become a basketball coach is to pass the first course or level 0. This qualification enables the student to give basic profile basketball lessons oriented to this sport in an initial and introductory phase. This course focuses on basic practices and simple games. The duration of this training is about 60 hours. Those interested in accessing it must be at least 16 years old and have the ESO qualification or a former school graduate.


The regional basketball federations and the clubs and teams themselves organize this type of qualification, which makes registration quite easy and access to classes within reach in many cases in their own place of origin.

The next level to become a basketball coach is the level 1 course, through which students who successfully complete this course can become coaches of base teams and also of teams that compete in school tournaments. Similarly, this qualification allows you to train in mini-basketball championships.

This course is also put on the market by the basketball clubs themselves and by the federations that are located in the different provinces and autonomous communities. The requirements to access this course are to be at least 16 years old and to be in possession of the ESO diploma or of the former school graduate. Those who wish may register directly for this level without having previously passed level 0.

Level 2

The level 2 course represents the halfway point in the training needed to become an elite basketball coach. Students who pass this level gain the right to coach older players, as well as to lead teams competing in any provincial and regional category. In this case, the requirements to access this degree are to be 18 years old, to have the ESO or the old school graduate degree and to have previously passed the level 1 basketball coach degree.

Elite coach

In the world of basketball coaches’ training, level 3 represents the superior license, the one whose approval implies to be in possession of the highest official qualification that exists and that makes possible that the students who surpass it can carry out the functions of first coach in any national category, from EBA League to ACB League passing also through the LEB Silver League and the LEB Gold League, as well as the LEB Bronze League.

The duration of this course is 750 hours. Of these, 75 hours are invested in a final project and another 200 hours in professional sports practices in top level clubs. To access this level 3 the interested parties must be over 18 years old and have previously passed the qualification that corresponds to the level 2 course.

Basketball Coaching Courses

The courses that exist to be a basketball coach within the market are linked to the four levels that we have reviewed that are necessary to overcome to become an elite coach. The different regional federations and the clubs themselves are in charge of organizing these courses. Each one of them has to do with the four levels that are necessary to overcome to become a basketball coach. Some of the subjects that students must overcome during their training to become a first level coach are “First Aid”, “Sports Organization”, “Gender and Sports” or “Basketball Teaching”.

Distance learning courses for basketball coaches(in Europe)

Euroinnova Business School

Apart from the specific courses required by the federation to become a head basketball coach, there are other qualifications on the market for those who are interested in having a professional contact with the world of basketball or who also wish to broaden their knowledge to reinforce their professional profile.

An example of these courses is the one organized by Euroinnova Business Schoool under the name “Master’s Degree in Basketball and University Degree in Sports Coaching”. This is an online course that lasts approximately one year and through which students receive 710 hours of training. The price of this course is 2,380 euros, although the organization has discounts that students can benefit from.

This course usually takes place every year in January and offers its students a job bank so that those interested can do work experience in professional sites and have a real contact with the working world.

Basketball Sports Monitor

Euroinnova Business School also organizes the course called “Basketball Sports Monitor and Sports Coach”. It is a double qualification that has a price of 420 euros. It is an online training that lasts 6 months. The classes usually start in January. In addition, there is a job bank so that students can do practical work and demonstrate the theoretical knowledge acquired.

ESBS European Sport Business School

Another interesting course offered by the basketball related market is the one organized by ESBS. We are referring to the title “Basketball Instructor for People with Intellectual Disabilities”. This teaching has a price of 120 euros and lasts 50 hours. It is an online teaching that has a digital campus so that students can follow the classes. A personal tutor is also available. The exams are held in person.

Clinic Orense

Those interested in having a direct contact with the training to train minors in basketball have a good option in the “Basketball Coaches Course” organized by Clinic Orense. The students receive in this training the necessary notions to organize games and activities so that the minors can have an effective approach to the world of basketball. This course usually takes place in July and those interested in knowing its price should contact the organization and ask for the final price.

Salary of a basketball coach

The salary in the world of basketball coaches is a question that varies depending on the club or entity in which the professional develops his work. The differences are notorious between those who train in smaller teams and those who train in the top teams on the planet. In Spain, a professional coach who does not have a place in the top category (the ACB League) can be paid between 1,000 and 1,700 euros.

These amounts are much higher in the ACB and are even higher in the case of coaches who are on the bench of the world’s top teams. In Europe, clubs like CSKA, Olympiakos, Fenerbache, Efes, Panathinaikos and Barcelona and Real Madrid offer salaries that can reach up to 2 million. In these teams, their coaches are usually paid from around 500,000 euros.

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