How to choose a basketball?

How to choose a basketball? Just like we did explaining in detail how to choose your basketball shoes we are going to give you an updated answer explaining how to buy the right basketball, and that is a recurring question in our basketball world. In addition to the aesthetics, even the touch or size, you must know how to choose and thus get the right basketball that we buy or give away.

How to buy the basketball we need ?

We will go into detail to know what to take into account:

The material of a basketball is usually high quality leather, such as leather, or a synthetic material such as rubber.

How do we choose it? What do we want it for? Where are we going to play?

The best way is to determine the place of play:

  • To play indoors -> better a basketball made of natural or synthetic leather of good quality.
  • To play outside -> better a synthetic type ball.

According to the rules, a basketball must measure between 68 and 73 cm in circumference and 23 to 24 cm in diameter.

And they must weigh between 567 and 650 grams.


  • Size 7: It is the size of the universal professional basketball, for players from twelve years old onwards: children, cadet category, junior, and senior male.
  • Size 6: This is the size of the universal women’s basketball. For children’s basketball category, cadet, junior and for senior category players. From 12 years old.

How to choose a basketball according to size

  • Basketball size 1
    It would be a small ball that we have fun with in our room at home, at the office or where we idly “train” with a basketball mini-basket.
  • Size 3 basketball
    For those under 8 years old. “Your first ball.”
  • Basketball size 5
    Minibasket. Category Benjamin and Alevin both male and female.

It is usually used to play in minibasket baskets.

  • Basketball size 6
    Children from 12 to 14 years old. And official ball for women’s basketball: the senior women’s, junior, cadet, children’s categories, 12 years and older.
  • Basketball size 7
    It is the universal basketball size for players 12 years and older.

Filters by size: basketball size 7, size 6 …

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