Ideal Structure Of a BasketBall Training

Basketball training is not just about throwing the ball, jumping and shooting, just like a gym routine, it starts with a warm-up, main training development and cool-down but for that you have to organize your activities well throughout the practice.

That’s why we recommend the following basic and main activities to have a perfect training plan.

First things first:

Basketball requires a person to run along the court dozens of times per game, to jump, turn, change direction quickly and throw themselves head first to recover balls. The player cannot do all of that unless he stretches his muscles properly. Before training, trot slowly around the court and then stretch your arms, back, legs and knees. Finally, run around the court with emphasis on stopping and starting quickly. This whole warm-up should last about 20 minutes.

Warming up with a ball.

After the normal warm-up, spend about 15 minutes dribbling the ball, shooting baskets and doing various exercises. This really doesn’t have a structure, it’s just getting confident with the ball and feeling clear physically and mentally.

Shooting work.

It starts with 30 free throws. Always think about the mechanics of each shot, then practice shooting the ball into the basket, taking the rebound and going to a new position to make another shot. Focus on speed and accuracy. If you miss a shot and the rebound goes away from the basket, take the ball and shoot from that position. This should take about 30 minutes.

Practice rebounding and passing the ball.

20 minutes is enough time to spend on this activity to improve your dribbling skills. This can be done alone, using cones, trying to dribble between them. Passing exercises can also be done alone, just score points on a wall and get the ball hitting that point in a quick and concise way.

The last effective exercise is to bend down and try to bounce the ball back and forth between your hands about 6 inches off the ground.

Rebound practice.

Get someone to grab the ball a little out of your reach, focus on catching the ball with your fingertips and bring it to your chest.
This will increase your strength. Do this for 5 minutes.

Practice your speed.

Practice your speed, jump rope for 10 minutes. You can also dribble the ball from side to side with your eyes and head up and dragging your feet sideways. It is important to practice the correct posture, with knees bent, back straight and head forward.

Cool down.

Finish your workout the same way you started. Shoot free throws, then jog slowly and finally stretch to avoid muscle injury.

We hope this training structure helps you to be effective. See you next time!

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