Important Features of Basketballs for Beginners.

Here are the important features of basketballs for beginners.

Basketballs should obviously be spherical in shape. With a rubber chamber housed in a leather or synthetic cover depending on the quality of the ball. The texture should be rough to facilitate the players’ grip, even if their hands are sweaty.

Generally they are made of orange, but nowadays they exist in different colors. The material with which they are coated depends on the type of game being played.

The type of game is divided by places that are for indoors and outdoors.

The length of the ball’s circumference can vary between 75 and 78 cm and the weight between 600 and 650 grams.

To check the correct air pressure, the ball is dropped from a height of 1.80 m onto a wooden floor and should reach a height of between 1.20 and 1.40 m.
The above mentioned measurements are the official ones for professional basketball, but for other types of competitions the sizes vary. They are used under three different denominations corresponding to three different sizes and weights according to the categories: number 7, used for men’s basketball, 6 for women’s basketball, and 5 for children’s basketball (generally children from 8 to 12 years old).

  • Male Ball “No. 7A” should measure 75-78 cm. And its weight is around 567-650 grs.
  • Female Ball “No. 6A” should measure 72-73 cm. And its weight is around 510-567 grs.
  • Junior Ball “No. 5A” should measure 69-70 cm. and its weight is around 470-510 grs.

The best brands of balls according to the experts in this sport are Spalding, which are used in the NBA, Molten, which are the official balls of FIBA, among other brands also very good as for example: Nike, Wilson, Rawlings, etc.

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