The 5 best basketball players in history

When the sports seasons are over, there are always numerous lists with the best in each sport, both players and coaches, as well as the best goals, the best baskets… And, of course, the lists are updated with the best ever.

Today we are going to focus on the basket to show you the best basketball players ever.

When we talk about the best in basketball we always think about Michael Jordan, unquestionably the number one and that it seems difficult that nobody can ever take his place, even if there are some who stay very close.

These are some of the best basketball players of all time

  1. Michael Jordan: Clearly, number one has to be for him. Retired in 2003, he had time to win 6 NBA rings with Chicago Bulls, have the highest average in the history of the competition (30.1), win 10 top-scorer titles, 6 MVP of the Finals, 5 MVP of the season, member of the best five in the NBA in 10 occasions, leader in steals for 3 seasons… unbeatable data.
  2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar: He started as rookie of the year in his first season and began a meteoric rise that made him a legend. Winner of the ring six times, MVP of the season six times, MVP of the Finals twice, 10 times in the best five, 5 times in the best defensive five, athlete of the year in 1985, first player in history to play 20 seasons in the NBA… An incredible record.
  3. Lebron James: Undoubtedly the best of recent years and one of the best of all time, but the shadow of Jordan and Abdul-Jabbar is very long. He has won the ring three times, twice with the Miami Heat and once with the Cleveland Cavaliers. He currently plays for the Los Angeles Lakers.
  4. Magic Johnson: He played in the Los Angeles Lakers for 12 seasons and his achievements include being 5 times NBA champion, 3 times MVP of the season, 9 times in the top five, 12 times All Star, 3 times MVP of the Finals, 4 times leader in assists, 2 times leader in steals, record assists in play-offs in an entire career, 2 times All Star MVP, record for the highest score of a rookie in a Finals game, Olympic champion and even has a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.
  5. Larry Bird : He played 13 seasons in the NBA, all of them with the Boston Celtics, who retired their 33rd starting number when he left. Among his accomplishments are being rookie of the year, 12-time All Star, three-time season MVP, four-time best free throw percentage, three-time three-way winner, nine-time top five player and three-time NBA champion.

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