The best basketball games for mobiles

Although football games for mobiles attract the majority of the attention of sports game fans, basketball games also have millions of fans, who follow the launch of each franchise’s new products every year.

In recent seasons, moreover, different developers have launched their own basketball titles with proposals that are sometimes typical, simulation-oriented, and sometimes somewhat more disruptive.

If you want to bring your love for this sport to a smartphone, here is a selection of the best basketball games for mobiles.

NBA LIVE Mobile (iOS/Android).

This is one of the classic titles when it comes not only to basketball but also to other sports. The people at Electronic Arts usually do a very good job, and this is no exception. As it happens with their other proposals, the graphics are perfectly achieved, and they simulate very well the atmosphere of the big events. It is also possible to register and play online challenging competitors from all over the world.

D8 War – Basketball Manager 2019 (iOS).

Some players prefer not to focus so much on the basketball games themselves, but rather to concentrate on managing a franchise. D8 War – Basketball Manager 2019 challenges you to control every aspect of a sporting institution of this magnitude, deciding on everything from pre-season transfers to agreed-upon salaries. Its online mode is fun if you want to compete beyond the virtual machine.

NBA 2K Mobile (iOS/Android).

Mostly considered as the best basketball game for mobiles. You can play as many games as you want in a friendly way or within some of the best world championships, such as the NBA. Unlike NBA LIVE, it doesn’t put so much emphasis on graphics, but rather aims to provide the best gameplay experience. And it does. And it does. It has exclusive licenses to many of the best American teams and players.

President of Basketball Manager (Android).

Much more like D8 War – Basketball Manager 2019, it forces us to comply with the official financial regulations of the different American clubs, or we can lose the progress made. The transfer system of the team members is very similar to the real ones, and each update is usually worthwhile.

Fantasy Basketball (Android).

Probably the most recommended option for those looking for a child-friendly basketball game, or a less complex game system to understand. It encourages the generation of spectacular actions, triples, etc.

Head Basketball (iOS/Android).

A game that is out of the ordinary. We are talking about an arcade game made by the D&D studio, which has other famous titles, in which we can select players with special skills. Each one of them will help us to send the balls that fall from the sky to the hoop that is on the left side of the screen, and according to their abilities we will have to choose the most convenient one. You will also be able to customize part of their aesthetics if you wish.

Paper Toss Boss 3D (iOS)

And finally, an original basketball-paper basket. Have you ever in the office thrown papers into the basket as a professional player? Paper Toss Boss is your chance to do it from the phone. In this game we can decide the environment in which we make the throws, the object we are going to throw, and what mission we are going to accomplish.

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