The NBA players with the biggest foot

We often talk about the highest and lowest players in the world’s most famous league, but we rarely remember those who have real difficulty finding shoes for their huge feet. In this TOP 10 we have prepared for you there are even players under 2 meters who have a huge size compared to other giants on the list, but it is the stuff of nature.

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In position 10 we have an NBA veteran who has been a member of USA basketball and MVP of the NBA finals in 2015, a player who does not reach 2 meters (specifically 1’98 cm) but whose foot is huge for his height, no more and no less than a size 18 USA (53 Europe). Andre Iguodala is one of the players with the biggest feet in the league today. Doesn’t it surprise you?

In position number 9 we find one of the most intimate players in the league, De Andre Jordan, the 2’10 pivot of the Clippers who weighs 120 kg has huge feet in size 18 USA (53 Europe) that help him to push his head to the height of the rim to be able to make those prodigious jumps in every game.

In position number 8 we find ourselves with the tallest player in this Top 10 of basketball players with the biggest foot. Yao Ming of 2’29 and over 140 kilos needed a very big foot to move that huge body, a size 18 USA (53 Europe) is in charge of keeping the veteran pivot standing, a player who scored a before and after in the league, especially for the Asian community and had to retire prematurely due to physical problems (due to his height).

In the number 7 we find another player who also uses the size 18 or 19 USA (53 or 54 Europe). He is the pivot Dwight Howard who has recently signed for the Hornets and whose body is already more proportional for that size of foot since we are talking about a rocky pivot of 2’11 and more than 120 kg of weight that jumps a lot as he already demonstrated in the All Star math competitions.

In the 6th position we are facing another giant of the zones that had bad luck in the NBA despite being elected Number 1 of the Draft, this is Greg Oden, a player of 2’13 and more than 130 kilos that could break your foot in half if he stepped on you with his shoes of the size 19 USA or 54 European. His feet and knees gave him many injury problems and forced his early retirement without having shown all his real potential on the court.

In position 5 and 4 we have the Lopez brothers who could sleep standing up in the area thanks to their huge feet, size 20 USA or 55 European in both cases. The rocky 2’13 pivots are both very difficult to move in the area and it is not surprising since with those feet it has to be really complicated to destabilize them.

In position 3 we found a Walter Tavares, a pivot who played in the ACB and during his stay in Spain he asked us if we could get him some street shoes of size 21 USA or 56 European to which unfortunately we had to answer him no. We are sure that in the USA he will not have so many problems to get shoes of that size and we know that for the day of the Draft he could get a pair of shoes of the size 22 or 57 European that he could show off with a wide smile, it was not for less since it was the first time in his life that he used dress shoes.

In the second position we found a veteran like Bob Lanier, who stood out more for his size 22 USA (57 European) than for his 2’08 and 120 kg inside the area. Maybe he was a small pivot for the giants he faced like Wilt Chamberlain, Abdul Jabbar etc, but in foot size none of them could beat him. Even his feet were an advertising claim in the epoch as you can see in the photo that we attach.

And the player with the biggest foot in the history of the NBA is none other than the great Shaquille O’Neal, a dominant pivot that nobody could displace thanks to his enormous feet size 22 or 23 USA (57 or 58 Europe), he was also one of the players who could enjoy his own line of shoes with Reebok and later had a contract with the Chinese brand Li-Ning until he created his own brand of low-end shoes of which he says he sold more than 120 million pairs in a well-known American shopping center chain (Wallmart).

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