The Top 10 Best Selling NBA Jerseys in Europe

The NBA released last week a list of the top-selling jerseys sold by Adidas in Europe last season in the world’s top league. The top positions do not reveal any surprises as Curry and Lebron are still the best selling players for the NBA. Here we present you a TOP of the 2016 season.

Stephen Curry, the Golden State Warriors player is the most profitable player for the league today, any item related to Stephen is quickly sold out and the same thing has happened with the swingman shirts and replica Adidas shirts, as soon as they arrived in the stores, they were sold out within a few days.

Lebron James, the Cleveland Cavaliers’ spectacular eagle-eyed player, has returned in force to the Cavs and won a second place despite his change of franchise that earned him a few haters. But from what we see, Lebron is still the King in terms of sales for the last 5 years and only this last season, Curry has managed to sell more T-shirts than Lebron. As for our store, we also agree on this second position.

The third player with the highest number of jerseys sold in Europe is Lebron James’ partner in the Cleveland Cavaliers, juggler Kyrie Irving, a player who is normally in that position as he has quickly become an idol for the little ones thanks to a fantasy game where he always looks for the show. The fourth player in this Top 10 best selling NBA jerseys is a classic of these rankings, a player who has left us last season but we are sure he will continue to sell thousands of jerseys around the world, the Lakers legend has dropped positions in recent seasons but despite the unfortunate Lakers season, Kobe Bryant remains one of the basketball players who sells more jerseys.

It is curious that in fifth position we find a player like Derrick Rose, punished by injuries and the lack of continuity over recent seasons has lost a legion of fans to benefit Kyrie or Curry, but despite all this, Derrick Rose has marked an era with the Chicago Bulls and in the new season will play in New York Knicks where we are sure that will sell shirts like hot dogs. A player with whom Adidas bet heavily and who is already going for his seventh shoe model with the three stripes brand.

In sixth place we find another player who has changed teams this season, Kevin Durant leaves OKC to go to the Warriors and share a dressing room with the “king of the shirts”, Stephen Curry. KD is a classic in this kind of jersey and shoe rankings so we are sure that in this new season, KD will climb some positions in this Top.

As far as our store is concerned, we found changes here as we would place KD in fifth place and we would have to include a classic of the league like Dirk Nowitzki with the Dallas Mavericks.

We are already approaching the last positions of this ranking of the best-selling NBA jerseys and in seventh place is a veteran like Dwyane Wade with Miami Heat (who this season has joined the ranks of the Chicago Bulls), Lebron’s teammate once and star of the league since his rookie season where he already won the title with the Florida franchise.

In eighth place we have one of the league’s most beloved players (despite his defense), James Harden and his populous beard is one of the league’s most peculiar characters and is always among the top scorers in the league, something that did not escape Adidas when it was time to sign him last year to use his shoes with the Houston Rockets.

As for our store, again we have changes, in the seventh place we would have James Harden and in eighth place would be Kyrie Irving.

And to finish this Top 10 of the most sold jerseys in the NBA we find Carmelo Anthony with the NY Knicks, who since he plays in the Big Apple sells more jerseys than ever and that is because the New York market is one of the most important in the league and that is evident in the players who play there.

In last place we find Mr. Triple Double, a real physical beast that this year for sure will beat some records since not having KD at his side, most of the balls will pass through his hands and he will have no choice but to lead the OKC attack. Russell Westbrook is one of the players who is selling more jerseys these years but we are sure that during the 16/17 season he will be in the Top 5 since his numbers will increase notably with the absence of KD.

We coincide with Melo’s ninth place, but in tenth and last place we would place Pau Gasol with the Chicago Bulls followed very closely by Ricky Rubio and Russell Westbrook.

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