Top 10 NBA players with the biggest hand

Today we share you the NBA players with the biggest hand, normally, the basketball players usually have longer extremities than a normal person, but we have made a selection and ranking of those basketball players with the biggest hands.


10 – Lebron James/Wilt Chamberlain – 24 centimeters

It is clear that Lebron is one of the most important players of all time and his legacy still continues … but his greatness extends beyond that and his impressive hands also make him worthy of a position in this ranking.
And what about Wilt Chamberlain, another one of the greatest in history, in every sense with hands that made him leave with an advantage over his rivals.

9 – Rajon Rondo – 24’5 centimeters

It’s funny how a player who’s barely 6’2″ can sneak into a Top 10 like this one, where only very big players are supposed to be, but yes, the little Lakers point guard has giant paws that help him steal a lot of balls and grab them like a marble.

8 – Kristaps Porzingis – 24’8 centimeters

The 2’21” Latvian giant has a set of paws in keeping with his enormous height and wingspan, hands that help him to put many plugs in and get very high.

7 – Michael Jordan – 25 centimeters

Despite measuring 1’98 , Michael Jordan has been one of the basketball players with the biggest hand in memory and also a player who used and took advantage of the extraordinary size of his hands to get an advantage on the court, especially in defense, being one of the best defensive shooting guards in history and leading many years the statistics of steals in the NBA. Little can be said about Michael Jordan that hasn’t already been said and that’s why the best thing to do is to put some videos of him.

6 – Julius Erving/Yao Ming/Jahlil Okafor – 25’4 centimeters

A triple draw between 3 very different players, a historic forward and a reference like Dr J, the giant Chinese center who scored a before and after in the NBA by opening the league to the media universe that was the Asian continent and finally a current player who entered the league 4 years ago and it seemed that would dominate but injuries have diminished.

5 – Noah Vonleh – 26 centimeters

A globetrotter in the NBA who will be playing for the New York Knicks this year but who, unfortunately for him, will only be remembered for having supernatural mitts.

4 – Connie Hawkins/ Bill Russell – 26’5 centimeters

Two legendary players who dominated their respective teams’ zones, in the case of Bills Russell, their dominance and intimidation were overwhelming at a time when caps were not yet counted, but we are sure that he would have averaged four or five each season he played with the Celtics and that there is no doubt that some of that intimidation started with a few less and endless fingers that came to defend almost every shot against them.

The case of Hawkins is also peculiar, and went from dominating the courts of Rucker Park, through the Globertrotters until he ended up playing in the ABA and later the NBA. A 2’03 player whose hands corresponded to a much bigger player.

3 – Kawhi Leonard / Shaquille O’Neal – about 28 centimeters

In the Top 3 we found a new tie between two very different players, on one side Shaq, one of the biggest players who have been in the NBA, his 2’15 and more than 140 kilos dominated the area of any court in the NBA, his dominance was overwhelming and is considered one of the best pivots in history so it is not unusual that, with such a size, is in this ranking.

On the other hand, Kawhi Leonard, an active player with the Toronto Raptors and one of the best defenders in the league, his huge hands help him to anticipate and easily steal the ball from his opponents in addition to being able to grab the ball with amazing ease to be able to crush the rival hoop almost effortlessly.

2 – Giannis Antetokounmpo – 30 centimeters

One of the most exciting players in the league, a player who can do everything and takes advantage of his large 30cm hands to gain an advantage over his opponents when it comes to blocking or stealing balls as well as scoring with great ease near the goal. A candidate for the MVP who undoubtedly takes advantage of his extraordinary hands.

1 – Bojan Marjanovic – approximately 32 centimeters

And the player with the biggest hands in the league is also the biggest player in the NBA today, Serbian Bojan Marjanovic is one of those players who appear on rare occasions as it is difficult for such a big player to become a good basketball player. His 2’22 cm and more than 125 kilos make him one of the dominators of the NBA under the hoops and he has a great facility to grab the ball and crush the hoop without jumping.

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