Top 10 Richest NBA Players

THIS IS THE TOP 10 RICHEST NBA PLAYERS! Who have made the most money in their NBA career. It should be noted that the data extracted from a recent American publication is still valid on this publication date, 2019, but surely some players will soon join this list due to what the NBA has changed regarding players’ salaries after the last agreement. Or Lebron James that in Lakers and with all that he generates in and out of the court surely will continue rising positions …

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10- Gary Payton:

Although many years have passed since his retirement, this defender deserves to be on the list of the richest NBA players, as he amasses a fortune of no less than $130 million. Also known as The Glove, Payton had to measure himself against other very famous players such as Michael Jordan.

He owns multiple businesses that generate more money for him, but the most significant is the Gary Payton Foundation that he runs, and through which he fights for low-income children.

He is remembered for being the only point guard to win the NBA’s Best Defensive Player award.

9-Tim Duncan:

Two-time NBA Most Valuable Player enters the roster with no less than $150 million. Although he’s always been a fairly humble and discreet player, the power forward has kept a low profile throughout his years at the San Antonio Spurs, his only team in the NBA.

Like number 10 in this count, Duncan created with his money a foundation of his own name, focused on helping the community by offering education and health programs for underprivileged children and youth.

8-Kevin Garnett

With 180 million dollars, this top is welcomed by The Big Ticket, a powerhouse that unlike its aforementioned counterpart, has always been in the spotlight.

Although his performance was excellent, Garnett could only win one ring during all his seasons, but he did much more than that by presenting himself at a very young age to the NBA Draft, with this he managed to push a great number of young players to participate in the most famous basketball league in the world.

He was the highest paid player in the NBA for many years, which is why he is on the list of the richest NBA players.

7-Grant Hill:

The forward retired at the age of 40 and is one of the longest serving players in NBA history.

Although he was a highly acclaimed player known for his elegance on the field, over the years he was really affected by multiple injuries, which were wearing down his movements.

Currently he works for NBA TV, as an interviewer, but it is an extra activity, since he owns multiple real estate businesses and a large number of companies that are developed in various sectors of the market, this makes the list with a fortune similar to that of Garnett of 180 million dollars.

6-Hakeen Olajuwon

Also known as The Dream. The Nigerian earned his nickname by referring to the American dream. Since he left his native Africa with the goal of playing for the University of Houston, he did not imagine that he would be one of the richest NBA players, as his fortune is valued at approximately $200 million.

5-Kobe Bryant:

Right in the middle of the countdown is Kobe Bryant, who would be one of the top performers on this list. His exploits on and off the court are incredible.

Although very little has happened since his retirement, the player remains an icon, owning his own brand of sporting goods and clothing line, and has also made several investments. He has become a businessman, and his $270 million fortune proves it.

4-Lebron James:

He’s tied for this count with Bryant. And he’s our first player still active in this count. James has become one of basketball’s icons.

Both on and off the court, Lebron James is quite well known, and rumors indicate that because of his high income, in a few years he may be able to dethrone Jordan in this count, as he is one of the highest-paid players in the history of basketball. Now in the Lakers and given all his movement also off the court he will soon rise in this ranking.

3-Shaquille O’Neal:

Shaq is not only known for his great performance on the NBA court, but also for becoming a regular face in the media, as he has spent more than just accumulating points for his team throughout his career.

He worked with several famous commercial brands, participated in movies and even ventured into the world of music. Due to his charisma and his multifaceted career, Shaquille was able to enter this top with a fortune of approximately 350 million.

2-Magic Johnson:

This player, against the next on the list is leading a debate that seems to go on forever, as there is still a disagreement over who was the better of the two; although in this count it is very clear who the winner is, Magic Johnson cannot complain about the fortune he has achieved.

The numbers are increasing off the court as they once did on it, this thanks to the multiple investments in famous franchises such as Starbucks, various properties and also some independent cinemas.

He is number 2 on the list of the richest NBA players with 500 million dollars.

1-Michel Jordan:

Topping the list is the great Michel Jordan considered one of the richest NBA players. An icon, a star, an example, Jordan is known as the greatest basketball player of all time, and his achievements are references for those who participated and participate in the NBA after him.

But he enters this list not only because of his great career as a professional basketball player, but also because he generates money in several areas: He is currently the owner of the Hornets, but above all his own brand – do you know Jordan’s shoes? – has been a big driver in his fortune.

As an icon of basketball and advertising, and of the NBA itself, Jordan has always been a money-making machine; so much so that his fortune exceeds one billion dollars.

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