Top NBA scorers

Basketball is a sport in which the team that scores the most points wins, that is the sauce and main virtue, scoring. Although we value more a good attendance, a good defense or a great team game. There are players in history who score and score, and they are the ones who in most cases help and make a game win.

Throughout history you are sure to wonder, these are the players who have scored the most points:


Updated list, with Lebron James being the only player in the top NBA scorer still active.

In this list of top NBA scorers we show you the player, the teams he played with, the total of points scored, the total of games he played and with it the points per game on average they have scored in their entire career. In this way, we provide data that, besides being real, serve to better evaluate the scoring player.

  • Maximum scorer player

Teams (years of membership in those teams)

Total points – Total games – Points per game

1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
Milwaukee Bucks (1969-1975), Los Angeles Lakers (1975-1989)

38,387 1,560 24.6

2. Karl Malone
Utah Jazz (1985-2003), Los Angeles Lakers (2003-2004)

36,928 1,476 25.0

3. LeBron James
Cleveland Cavaliers (2003-2010, 2014-2018), Miami Heat (2010-2014), Los Angeles Lakers (2018-present)

33,918 1,252 27.1

4. Kobe Bryant

Los Angeles Lakers (1996-2016)

33,643 1,346 25.0

5. Michael Jordan

Chicago Bulls (1984-1993; 1995-1998), Washington Wizards (2001-2003)

32,292 1,072 30.1

6. Dirk Nowitzki

Dallas Mavericks (1999-2019)

31,560 1,522 20.7

7. Wilt Chamberlain

Philadelphia/San Francisco Warriors (1959-1965), Philadelphia 76ers (1965-1968), Los Angeles Lakers (1968-1973)

31,419 1,045 30.1

8. Shaquille O’Neal

Orlando Magic (1992-1996), Los Angeles Lakers (1996-2004), Miami Heat (2004-2008), Phoenix Suns (2008-2009), Cleveland Cavaliers (2009-2010), Boston Celtics (2010-2011)

28,596 1,207 23.7

9. Moses Malone

Buffalo Braves (1976), Houston Rockets (1976-1982), Philadelphia 76ers (1982-1986; 1993-1994), Washington Bullets (1986-1988), Atlanta Hawks (1988-1991), Milwaukee Bucks (1991-1993), San Antonio Spurs (1994-1995)

27,409 1,329 20.6

10. Elvin Hayes

San Diego/Houston Rockets (1968-1972; 1981-1984), Baltimore/Capital/Washington Bullets (1972-1981)

27,313 1,303 21.0

11. Hakeem Olajuwon

Houston Rockets (1984-2001), Toronto Raptors (2001-2002)

26,946 1,238 21.8

12. Oscar Robertson

Cincinnati Royals (1960-1970), Milwaukee Bucks (1970-1974)

26,710 1,040 25.7

13. Dominique Wilkins

Atlanta Hawks (1982-1994), Los Angeles Clippers (1994), Boston Celtics (1994-1995), San Antonio Spurs (1996-1997), Orlando Magic (1999)

26,668 1,074 24.8

14. Tim Duncan

San Antonio Spurs (1997-2016)

26,496 1,392 19.0

15. Paul Pierce

Boston Celtics (1999-2013), Brooklyn Nets (2013-2014), Washington Wizards (2014-2015), Los Angeles Clippers (2015-2017)

26,397 1,343 19.7

16. John Havlicek

Boston Celtics (1962-1978)

26,395 1,270 20.8


  • They are the highest scorers in history, updated to March 10, 2020.
  • As you know in Fuikaomar you have special sections: Jordan shoes, Kobe Bryant products, Lebron James products or other NBA players products.
  • The top scorers in NBA history are these players, being Lebron James the only active player who keeps increasing his numbers.
  • To highlight Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, who may not be as appreciated by the majority as Lebron, Kobe, Jordan or other greats, but what a record he has.
  • There are very recent players, such as Pierce, Duncan, Shaq, Dirk Nowitzki or Kobe Bryant.
  • Lebron James surpassed Kobe as the third highest scorer in history and soon after we suffered the sad news, the death of Kobe Bryant in a helicopter crash.
  • It is curious to see that some of the greats of history played in many franchises. Some like Pierce number four but are like “one team players” like Havlicek, TIM DUNCAN, Kobe Bryant, and Dirk. It’s the same with Jordan that we’ll always see him as a Chicago Bulls player or Karl Malone of the Utah Jazz.
  • Basketball is not just about scoring. Some people have shot a lot more to score, %. There are those who decide games and championships with what they bring to a team beyond scoring and scoring. But yes, we see many great players in history listed here.
  • Important data we have given you: total matches, points per match. For example, Pierce surpasses Havlicek as the greatest scorer in history, but the second one actually scored more points per game on average.

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