Warming up to play basketball

Any high-impact sport requires proper preparation.

It always requires such an activity to perform something as simple as a jog, so it is for such a high-impact sport as basketball that a good warm-up will obviously be required.

Each sport has a series of warm-up exercises but each one is aimed at specific areas, because in each sport one part of the body is used much more than another, and in turn, depending on the position assigned to each player, a different skill as well.

Warming up to play basketball

As lovers of this sport what are we going to tell you; That to play and perform you have to train, and a warm up is always crucial for this as it is a contact sport and of high impact in which all the muscles are involved. A warm-up should be done at a general level, and then, according to the position covered, more specific exercises.

Why is it called a warm-up?

Basically because through multiple exercises the body is warmed up so that the blood can circulate correctly and the muscles have the adequate resistance for the development of the activity.

Important to take into consideration.

Although there are different warm-up exercise routines to play basketball there are certain basic rules that must be taken into consideration to avoid any type of damage to the players’ bodies, for example:

  • Duration: A basic warm-up should last at least 10 to 20 minutes. Warming up for less time does not ensure that the muscles are protected from future injuries.
  • Stretching: Each stretching exercise should last 20 seconds on average, so that the muscle adapts to the exercise. In addition, it should be accompanied by a correct form of breathing, which should be calm and regular, thus avoiding acceleration before the game.
  • Effort: Each of the exercises must be done with a measured effort, since it is important to warm up the body well without forcing it, that is, when the muscle is working without having to endure extra effort it is known that it is a good measure for the exercise.
  • Execution: It is important, especially before any game, to perform already known exercises that have a simple execution; the danger of adding new elements during the warm-up before a game is to confuse the players, making them unfocused and consequently affecting their performance on the court.

Once these basic elements of warm-up are taken into account, the most popular exercises can be observed for their execution.

Warming up to play basketball (WITHOUT BALL)

In this first phase only the body is used as a tool.

As a first step, a low speed run is made around the court and the following exercises are performed in turn:

1/ Skipping: The knees are raised to waist level.

2/ Contraskipping: The heels are lifted while they almost collide with the buttocks.

3/ Ankle and hip rotation: A run is made sideways to the court and the ankles and hips are rotated in a 180° movement.

After the first phase, a static warm-up is performed, to work on the joints:

These exercises are responsible for activating the cardiovascular system and the sum of them should last about 10 minutes.

After the first phase, the static warm-up is done, to work with the joints:

1/ Neck: A combination of neck movements is performed, from front to back and from one side to the other.

2/ Arms: Each arm is turned in a circular fashion, forwards and backwards, then each one is taken and placed on the opposite arm and stretched out completely, then the wrists follow, which are turned in a circular fashion in both directions, and finally the fingers performing various movements by opening and closing the hands again and again.

3/ Waist and hips: Circular movements are performed with each part in both directions.

4/ Legs: Knees are brought together and hands are placed on them, then circular movements are performed; then legs are placed separately and with one of them the toe is planted on the floor, then come the circular movements, in the same way the other is exercised.

The duration of this exercise session is 10 to 15 minutes. To accompany this stretch, you must do abdominals, flexions and knees to the chest in intervals of at least 3 series of 20 repetitions each.

Muscles: After these repetitions it is important to work with each muscle group, they are divided into three parts:

1/ Arms: Giving training to the shoulders, biceps, triceps, and wrist extensors.

2/ Trunk: In this stage, the muscles located in the lumbar area, the pectorals and the lateral trunk are treated.

3/ Legs: Each muscle is worked individually, starting with the hamstrings, abductors, calves and foot extensors.

Warming up to play basketball (WITH BALL)

This is followed by a warm-up session with the ball, which is a more specific basketball warm-up.

Here are several booklets, focused mainly on the improvement of technical and tactical fundamentals, making a more global approach; of team.

1/ Running with the ball: For example, while doing a soft jog, the players bounce the ball along the court. Making changes of pace, direction, or basketball.

2/ Passing: This exercise would be done in groups, one player against another who can make passes in a linear fashion or by bouncing the ball once on the ground. There are also variations where some groups are formed and they are placed one from one group and the next from the other, where a couple of balls intervene and they must concentrate on receiving one of them from the team they belong to. This exercise stimulates concentration.

3/ Shots: Here in the warm-up the players would line up and shoot from certain positions, such as free kicks or running shots.

4/ Rehearsed plays: Some specific match situation that you want to perfect or rehearse. Each of the players would be placed in a strategic position, simulating some future situation in the match, in this way they practice moves that they have rehearsed throughout their training, in this way they are not only able to exercise their body, but also their mind.

Warming up to play basketball is always vital. Be it general or more specific exercises, individual or in a group. Key is the stimulation of the mind and the body, as well as their preparation to prepare them for a great performance and demand. In addition, injury prevention is always key. We have the best in Sports Medicine, specialized more if it is possible to be it in everything what surrounds to the basketball; nevertheless warm up, warm up well, and although we must prevent and to use kneepads or certain sport medicine, that nobody is injured please.

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